October 4, 2023 10:17 AM

Domain History of Amos2.org

By Jacob Sal Linwood

About the website amos2.org

The website amos2.org was a website made for Amos2 The Creator. AMOS 2 is what a professional refers to as a “transpiler”. What it does was it took code written in one high-level program, AMOS Basic, and transformed it into a different programming language called Javascript. In this platform, one can create a ‘dual playfield’ game featuring 10 screens that overlap to create amazing parallax effects calculate huge amounts of data or Pixels. AMOS also operated at the same speed as modern-day machines. 

When you logged into the website, you would see a lot of creations. You could see a label where you could click to visit their site. You could also see on the homepage the history of AMOS The Creator. It was said there that it started in 1987 in England when STOS The Creator was published. Two years after that, the first AMOS The Creator was made. Both of these programs were very popular and allowed people to create the games that they want on their own.

On the website, you could also click on the “learn more” buttons so you could read more about the history of AMOS2. Since AMOS The Creator was very popular when it launched in the early ’90s, kids from those times grew, and now they’re leading the creation of AMOS2 The Creator. They launched a Patreon to get help from the other creators who used to create games with the original AMOS The Creator. To read similar articles, visit Law Office News.

What is AMOS2 The Creator?

AMOS2 The Creator was a platform to create games using the Atari ST. It is a programming platform where applications are compiled into Javascript and HTML5 and run thousands of times faster than on the Amiga. It boasted of its easy syntax where, unlike normal programming, it requires no brackets, no complicated things, the same simplicity, and much more power at your fingertips. 

The AMOS2 could also run in a browser, and also as a native executable on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. AMOS2 offered simple, straightforward instructions. This also allowed the user to program as they speak. They boasted of their no clutter like accolades or mandatory dots, the syntax of the Basic language was even simpler than Python.

AMOS2 The Creator was also able to work on all platforms. The main benefit that comes with Javascript was that it was able to run on every platform. It runs on the browser used by the user through “wrapping” Javascript in a specific executable that runs it can run on all PC, Windows, macOS, or Linux or by using the same process that helped make games and apps run in Android or iOS. AMOS2 is fully compatible with the original AMOS programs and is directly integrated with AMOS applications. It also provides a “future” mode, with the most logical and better syntax that attempted to correct all the errors that were discovered in the original syntax. The next version would give the user the chance to code using a simple object-oriented approach and also master the advantages of modern programming methods. 

The History of AMOS2 The Creator

Computers were first introduced to us in the 1980s which was a time when kids and adults had the chance to study on their own due to the easy and natural BASIC language. AMOS was an Amiga-based program that competed in the Amiga platform, using Acid Software’s Blitz BASIC. The two BASICs were different from other dialects that were available on different platforms in that they enabled the simple creation of demanding multimedia software with fully structured code and a variety of high-level functions that loaded sound, images, and animations that displayed these in different ways.

AMOS was the first version of the program. AMOS was a BASIC-based interpreter that, while working perfectly, was plagued by the same drawbacks as any language running in an interpretive manner. From all accounts, AMOS was extremely fast in comparison to other interpreted languages. It was quick enough that an add-on known as AMOS 3D could produce playable 3D games on even plain 7 68000 MHz Amigas. In the following years, an AMOS compiler was designed that increased the speed. AMOS could also execute the MC68000 machine code, which was loaded into the memory banks of a program.

The biggest drawback of AMOS BASIC due to its Atari ST lineage was its incompatibility with the Amiga’s operating system functions and interfaces. In contrast, AMOS BASIC controlled the computer through the computer, causing applications written using it to use a different user interface. This is also created compatibility issues with the latest versions of hardware.

AMOS was mostly used to create multimedia programs, videos games as well as educational programs. The language was somewhat successful in the Amiga community. The ease of use of the language attracted novices. AMOS2 changed its name to AOZ Studio. 

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