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By Jacob Sal Linwood

About CalBSU website

The website also known as the Black Student Union at the University of California, Berkley (BSU) was a website created by a student organization to serve as a unifying body for Black organizations and the Black student body at the University of California. The visitors will see plenty of photos of Black students from the homepage. The website is charged to ensure the well-being of the Black community on campus.

The homepage of the website showcase a lot of Black student photos on a slideshow type. From the homepage, visitors can access the links like “Meet our Board”, “Events”, “Resources”, “Get Involved”, “Our Story”, and “Donate” links which will help the visitors know more about the CalBSU website. The CalBSU members include undergraduate students and graduate students of the University of California Berkeley. To read other related articles, visit Law Office News.

Services on

One of the services of the website is the “Meet our Board” link which helps the visitors know more about the CalBSU organization board member. As per the website the board consists of the Chair, External Vice President, Internal Vice President, Ourstorian, Communications Director, Black Community Programs Director, Financial Director, Leadership Development Director, Inclusion Director, and Student Athletics Director.

History of the University of California Berkeley

The University of California, Berkeley was founded in 1868 and is the flagship institution of the ten affiliated research universities.

Berkeley is one of 14 founding members of the Association of American Universities. It is home to a number of world-renowned research institutes including the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI) and the Space Sciences Laboratory (SLS Lab).

Among the Berkeley faculty, alumni and researchers are 99 Nobel laureates, 23 Turing Award recipients, and 14 Pulitzer Prize winners. J. R. Oppenheimer, a faculty member, led the Manhattan Project to create the first atomic weapon. Ernest Lawrence, a Nobel laureate from Berkeley, invented the cyclotron which allowed scientists and researchers at UC Berkeley to discover 16 elements of the Periodic Table.
Berkeley was founded with just 40 students. However, Berkeley quickly gained ground over its distinguished predecessors as California’s first university offering full-curriculum education. It was second only to Harvard in terms of its size by the 1940s.

Berkeley’s radiation laboratory was instrumental in the development of an atomic bomb. Berkeley gained more fame during this decade. Berkeley’s student activism gained international recognition during the 1960s, due to the Free Speech Movement and campus opposition to Vietnam War. Ronald Reagan, then Governor of California, described Berkeley as “a haven to communist sympathizers and protesters” in 1969. Today, students are more moderate.

Berkeley Campus covers approximately 1,232 acres in the Bay Area of Los Angeles. Many of its Beaux-Arts-style buildings are California Historical Landmarks.

The campus is home to three-quarters of its 40,000 undergraduate students. This gives it a vibrant urban feel and youthful vibe. The majority of undergraduate students live in residential residence halls. They can make friends, work, and play in a safe environment that promotes academic success through cultural care.
Berkeley has 17 housing cooperatives and student co-ops. There are over 1,300 students who live in these houses. Students have the opportunity to join clubs and societies that cover every interest, as well as participate in sports. Students can also visit the Lawrence Hall of Science and the California Memorial Stadium to see sports. They can also enjoy a noon concert or stroll through Sproul Plaza.

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